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Psychic Abilities & Psionics[edit]

The same decision regarding psychic abilities and magic applies to psychic abilities and psionics: do they interact or are they different forces? Oftentimes psychic abilities and psionics are linked in some fashion, so if one interacts with magic, they both do. If one is different from magic, they both are, although that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

One option is that psychic abilities interact with psionics, and psionics interact with magic, but psychic abilities don’t interact with magic, making psionics sort of a “bridge” between the two. Perhaps psionic abilities evolved from psychic or magical talents influenced by the opposite force in some manner.

Gamemasters may also choose to use the psychic skills in this book as a substitute for psionics in a campaign entirely, in which case the question of how psychic and psionic abilities interact is completely irrelevant. The final decision is in the GMs hands.

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