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Proficient Summoning

Through dedicated practice and sacrifice, you have learned how to imbue creatures you create with enough of your own life force to empower them.

Creatures you conjure, summon, animate, call, bind, craft, or otherwise create get a bonus to Armor Class, attack rolls, damage rolls, saving throws, and ability checks equal to your proficiency bonus.

If a spell, ability, or effect you control which created one or more creatures would require concentration, you may maintain it without concentrating. You may use this feat to forego concentration on only one active spell, ability, or effect at a time. (Treat it as though you were concentrating for all other aspects of the spell, ability, or effect. You may still choose to end your effective "concentration" at any time.)

During the spellcasting, ritual, ability use, or other process you perform to create the creature(s), you must spend one hit point to use this feat.

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