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Pro Wrestler

Prerequisites: Str 13, trained in althletics, Grappler feat

Some wield a knife, you use a knife edge chop, some swing their axe, you do a Booker T axe kick, but most importaintly, you make every fight a show.

You learn new manuvers that might wow the audience, based on your level and skills you can use:

|all attacks bellow dont work on oozes, elemental, ghost or similar opponents not affected by critical, structural or crushing damage unless specified.

-Suplex, while you are grappling an opponent, you can attempt to lift them and slam them prone. Make an athletics check against a acrobatics check, if failed your opponent lose the grappled condition. If you succed, you pick up and slam them down. Dealing your unarmed strike damage + str, and keep your opponent grappled while prone (giving you advantage on grappling checks until they escape or you realease the grapple for any reason. If the opponent is 1 or 2 steps larger, you will do a violent trip instead, dealing unarmed strike +str divided by half or 1/4 if 2 times larger (round down). Cannot be used if oponent is 3 steps larger then you unless you have other features that give you increased ability to grapple

-Dropkick, you leap up and deliver a full bodyweight with both feet. This attack gives you advantage to knock your opponent prone if your size or smaller, while delivering your full unarmed damage die + str, cannot be used as a part of multiple attack or flurry of blows unless its the last attack (and if its part of those attacks, you cannot do a move action unless its a 5ft step against your opponent before the dropkick). If the opponent save against the knock down, they are moved back 5ft+5 for each 10 damage dealt, the knock down and shove save is at an advatage if the opponent is 1 step larger than you, and any larger than that is immune (unless other abilities gives you effect w/Unarmed strikes against 2+ steps heavier opponents) Doing this action as a part of a charge gives you +2 on damage and the opponents check to stay prone. You are knocked prone by the attack, but can do a bonus dc 10 acrobatics check to roll with the fall and stand up 5ft back from the attacked opponent at the end of the turn.

-Sleeper hold, if you are grappling your opponent, you can put on a sleeper hold. Choking them out while controling the grapple. Against your size or smaller, you can do it standing or prone, dealing countinuous unarmed strike + str damage each round you succed to maintain the grapple. Against a 1-2 step larger opponent, you jump on their back and choke them for half unarmed damage + str, but also slow them down by 10 ft (5ft is 2 steps larger) while maintaining the hold Enemies immune to choking, have no blood flow or similar immunities can only be damaged by 1+ str in crushing damage but are still either controlled by your grapple or slowed by it.

-Boston crab, submission hold where you grab an opponents legs and wrench them back towards their head while lying face down. If you trip a standing opponent or initiate a grapple with a prone one, you can (as part of multi-attack or flurry of blows) make a grapple check and put them in a boston crab. Wrenching their lower back and putting preasure on them, you deliver your unarmed damage + strenght each turn you maintain it. While they are prone, they have disadvantage to escape, and if you maintain it for 3 rounds or more, your opponent will have their speed reduced by 15ft. Creatures that dont realy on a huminoid skelletal structure are immune to this effect, but takes 1d4+ strength in crushing damage and are still grappled.

-Piledriver, as a follow up to a strike that hunches your opponent forward, you can attempt to lift and drop them directly on their head with both your combined weight. Must be done as a part of a multi attack or flurry of blows where you have disadvantage is you miss the first strike. If your opponent fail an athletics or acrobatics check, you deal a critical unarmed attack + str. Must be used on a humanoid without immunity to critical hits to give the critical effects (but still work on undead or similar opponents that realy on a spine-like structure, but then will give disadvange for any movement based action for 1d4 rounds.

-No selling, as a will save once per round, you can take the damage and act like its nothing. Dc 8 + damage taken vs will save, if successfull, you silently (or verbally if you want) intimidate your opponent. You can either use your charisma for a preformance or constitution for a intimidation check. Enemies immune to fear effects are immune to this, but as a bonus your allies or spectators get a morale bonus/ increased positive opinion of you, respectivly. That bonus is your charisma bonus (+1 minimum +5 max) against fear (or 1-3 steps in favourable opinion for spectators 1d6/2)

-Hulk up, if you are at 30% or lower max health, you can use your opponents attacks to fuel you. Activated as a reaction, you take reduced damage if you succed a will save DC 8+ Damage taken, the damage will still take effect but is counted against the resistance. If succesfull you also gain your level +con or wis (whatever is higher) temp hit points until the end of your next turn. Untill the end off your next round add +1 unarmed or grappling damage for each temp hit point taken and +2 for each standard hit point. Only available once per long rest but increases to 2 at level 10 and 3 at level 15.

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