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Predator Killer Armor[edit]

Heavy Armor
Rarity Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight
Legendary 25 16 100 lb.

Made by the yautja, a spacefaring apex predator race, this armor was designed by a traitor to kill their own kind. The armor covers the wearer's entire body, and comes equipped with an arsenal of weapons and additional features. The material is made out of a mesh that's only available on the yautja home planet. While not worn, this armor takes the form of a simple gauntlet. This armor cannot be broken or melted down, as it's otherworldly. In gauntlet form, it weighs 20 lbs. and takes a total of 30 seconds to don and doff.

Passive Abilities:

Natural Instincts
The wearer's movement speed increases by +10 feet, and they gain a climbing speed equal to their walking speed.
Infrared Vision
As an action for 1 energy cell, the wearer may gain 60 ft. of thermal vision for 1 minute.


Innate Camouflage
As an action or bonus action for 1 energy cell, the wearer can turn the weave material to look like what is behind it, causing them to become invisible until they take or deal damage, or a colored liquid is splashed on them.
Wrist Blades
As an action or bonus action for 1 energy cell, the wearer can make 2 blades come out of each arm for 1 minute. These blades count as shortswords.
Small Turrets
As a bonus action for 1 energy cell per attack, the wearer can launch up to 6 small plasma bolts at targets within 60 ft. of them as a ranged attack with laser-guided precision. On a hit each bolt deals 1d10 radiant damage.
Large Turret
As an action for 3 energy cells, the wearer can make the suit into a large plasma turret, reducing their movement speed to 0. If the wearer weighs less than 250 lbs., they must attempt a DC 20 Strength saving throw or be knocked 20 feet back and become prone. After 12 seconds (2 rounds), you may fire this turret at a creature within 120 ft. as an action once. On a hit, the turret deals 12d12 radiant damage. Once fired, the system needs to cool down and both 'Natural Instincts' and 'Infrared Vision' do not work for 24 hours since the turret was fired, and the 'Small Turrets' do not work for 48 hours since the turret was fired, lastly 'Innate Camouflage' will not work for 72 hours since the turret was fired.

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