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==Yautja (Predator)== --NicMINEBOMB24 (talk) 19:35, 10 January 2017 (MST)

Medium humanoid, lawful evil

Armor Class 19 (natural armor) 22 (Plate armor variant) (natural armor, Plate Armor)
Hit Points 362 (10d10 + 262)
Speed 40 ft.

27 (+8) 25 (+7) 23 (+6) 25 (+7) 21 (+5) 19 (+4)

Saving Throws Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence
Skills Acrobatics,Athletics,Insight,Intimidation,Nature,Perception,Stealth,Survival
Damage Vulnerabilities None
Damage Resistances Slashing, Piercing,
Condition Immunities Charmed,Frightened,Paralyzed,Poisoned
Senses darkvision 120 ft., infra-red vision 240 ft., x-ray vision 60 ft. passive Perception 27
Languages Yautja,(See Language Detection)
Challenge 24 (62,000 XP)

Enhanced Senses.' The predator can jump up to 15 feet in the air and fall up to 60 feet and land without needing a saving throw. The predator can also hear even a whisper from 50 feet. a normal conversation it can hear from 250 feet away. it additionally can hold its breath for up to 4 minutes.

Explosive End.When the Predator is reduced to 0 hit points it voluntarily sets off a Large scale explosion with a range of 75 feet. The Predator is instantly disintegrated and all creatures within 40 feet of the blast must roll a DC19 Dexterity saving throw. on a fail they are Disintegrated. On a success the Creature takes 66 (12d10 + 12)Radiant Damage and are hurled 40 feet back. a creature within 45-75 feet of the range must roll a DC 16 Dexterity saving throw. On a fail the take 66 (12d10 + 12)Radiant Damage. on a success, the Creature takes 36 (6d10 + 12)Radiant damage and are hurled 25 feet.

Language Detection. The Predator can detect any language that it can hear over time. roll a 1d20 + 4 to see how many hours the predator must study and listen to a language. it can then mimic and speak that language.


Twin Blades Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft., one creature. Hit: 24 (7d6 + 6) slashing damage. The Predator releases two sharp 18 inch blades from a wrist device. The predator can slash an opponent with the sharp blades which it uses as a primary weapon. the blades are indestructible and no known force can break them.

Smart Disk Ranged Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 250 ft., up to 3 creatures. Hit: 19 (4d8 + 6) slashing Damage. The Smart Disc is Thin and ultra light. This Internally powered airborne weapon is crafted of materials that produce the Combi-Stick, easily slicing through an opponent with its devastating razor edges. The blades extend when drawn, bringing it from an oval configuration to a circular one. When thrown, it will leave the thrower's grasp and do severe harm to anything living in its flight path. much like a boomerang it returns to the throwers grip.

Shoulder Plasma Caster Ranged Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 1200 ft., up to 5 creatures. Hit: 35 (8d8 + 6) Radiant Damage. The Shoulder Cannon, the most powerful aid in a Warrior's arsenal, is a mounted and lightweight weapon capable of firing multiple long-range blasts of super heated plasma. It has a 180 degree firing arc horizontally. and the fire controls are located on the inside of the mask/helmet of the Predator's armor. The destructive power unleashed by these bursts is immense. The weapon tracks with the head movement of the firer. The weapon must be attached to a Predators Mask for this to work. It can be used It is powered by the power pack of the suit. The Battery Regenerating Plasma Rounds can last up to 8 months until a required charge.

Combi-Stick Mele Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, Reach 10 ft., one creature. Hit: 11 (3d6 + 6) slashing damage + 9 (1d12 + 6) Lightning Damage. The Combi-Stick is self powered, telescoping spear. The Combi-Stick extends by Five Feet at each end, making it a formidable weapon for close range attacks. Made of nearly unbreakable alloys, sharpened tips on either end produce electrical charges as it slices through any surface.

Ranged Combi-Stick Ranged Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, Reach 100 ft., up to 12 Creatures. Hit: 9 (2d6 + 6) Piercing Damage for each dart. By twisting the grip and pumping the shaft like a shotgun slide, the hunter can send up to a dozen skewers into his prey.

Shuriken ranged weapon attack: +6 to hit, reach 500 ft., one creature. Hit: 18 (5d6 + 6) slashing damage. The Shuriken, very similar in characteristics to the Smart Disc, is carried and transported as a flat circular device, but the push of its surface transforms it into a multi-pointed, sharp edged throwing star. Also like the Smart Disc, it is self-charged by an internal power supply. The Shuriken can be thrown at an opponent, cutting through many substances with its many razor edges. When thrown, internal computer-controlled gyros return the Shuriken to its wielder.

Dart Gun Ranged Weapon attack: +6 to hit, reach 200 ft., one creature. Hit: 15 (3d8 + 6) Poison Damage. The Dart gun shoots a small flachetes that inflict little damage but inject a strong painful poison. once shot, a creature is under the condition Poisoned, until Healed by a greater healing Potion or similar item. at the start of the creatures next turn they must roll a DC15 Con Saving throw. on a fail they take an additional 15 (3d8 + 6) Poison Damage.

Environmental Cloak The Predator can use an action to cloak itself to the environment, effectively making it invisible. While invisible it has advantage on all Dexterity rolls and all attacks are counted as sneak attacks.


The predator can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature's turn. The predator regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn.

Frightful Presenceany creature within sight of the predator must roll a DC15 Wisdom saving throw or be frightened for 2 minutes by the Predator.
Dart Gun. The Predator uses the Dart Gun attack.
Combi-Stick (Costs 2 Actions). The player can make a Ranged or melee Attack with the combi-Stick.

An Unmasked Predaor, DanLuVisaArt (deviantart), -->

Predators are physically distinguished from humans by their greater height, arthropod-like mandibles and long, hair-like appendages on their heads that are set into their skulls. Their bodies are resilient to damage, capable of recovering from multiple gunshot wounds and radiation doses which would be fatal to humans. They are much stronger than humans, having been portrayed as being easily capable of outmatching a conditioned adult human male and shattering solid concrete with their bare hands. They are also skilled climbers, and will readily move through trees or across rooftops in pursuit of prey. Though capable of surviving exposure in Antarctic temperatures for an extended period of time, it is implied that Predators have a preference for hot equatorial climates.

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