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You possess the unique ability to see the future. Whether this be because a higher being has given you their blessing, or you somehow manifested this power yourself, you can now see vague scenes from the future.

You have a set of Future Points equal to your character level. You can only regain one Future Point after a short rest or all Future Points after a long rest.

As an action, you can look into the brief future and determine what the most likely outcome will be and the DM will roll a d8. If the roll is a 3 or higher your vision will be fairly accurate and on a 2 or lower your vision will be flawed. You will not know if your vision is accurate or flawed.

When in combat, if you can convey to your allies what your opponents will do without your opponents overhearing, you can impose disadvantage on your opponents attack rolls and saving throws and give your allies advantage until your next turn. Conversely, if your vision is flawed and you convey to your allies the results, your opponents instead have advantage against your allies who have disadvantage until their next turn.

When outside of combat and you use this ability, you make an inquiry to the DM about an event or time frame and what is likely to happen. The DM can respond as vaguely or clearly as they would like and the contents of their response would mirror the dice results.

If you overuse this ability you will be unable to see the future again for 1d4 days.

Note, the 3 or higher on the d8 is only what I use. I recommend using a 4 or higher. Also this ability can be very powerful if used correctly. Talk to your GM before implementing!

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