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The Power Source is an item intended to be used exclusively by the homebrew class the 'Power Mage'. The Power Source can be imagined as a battery, the item the Power Mage uses to store the energy they collect from their environment. The Power Source can take any shape the creator wishes it to, however, it must always have a volume of at least 125 cubic cm. The Power source has a maximum amount of magical energy (referred to as Joules) it can store, based on the level of the Power Mage using it. The Power Source can be replenished through the use of Absorption actions (AAs) and any short/long rests you may take. If the Power Mage attempts to absorb more energy than it's Power Source can hold, the additional energy is lost and simply disappears. However, this lost energy should still kept track of, as if the Power Mage tries to absorb more than 2 times it's power source’s maximum it's power source will be destroyed. The Power Mage's Power Source can also be destroyed by attacking enemies if they specifically target it. The Power Source has an AC equivalent to that of the Power Mage using it and hit points equal to it's level * 4 - The number of Joules it currently contains (Including those which went over it's limit). If the Power Mage's power source is destroyed in either of these ways, it will explode, dealing 1d4 force damage for every Joule it contained (Including those which went over it’s limit). The Power Mage must spend 2 days and 100 Gp to repair it.

Cost: 100 Gp

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