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Potion Smuggler [General]

You may drink a potion, oil or elixir without activating its effects and regurgitate it at a later time to be used as normal.
Prerequisite: Constitution 15, Concentration 4 ranks, Heal 2 ranks, Knowledge (Arcana) 2 ranks
Benefit: You may consume a single potion without gaining its benefits. A potion may be held in the stomach (or analogous organ) in this manner for 10 minutes x your Constitution modifier; if this limit is reached, you must choose to either regurgitate it or accept its effects (except with magic oils, which have no effect). It may be regurgitated at any point prior to the limit and collected in any suitable receptacle, after which it can be used normally. There is a 10% chance plus 5% per HD (maximum 80% at 15) that the potion cannot be detected by such means as detect magic or similar effects. If the imbiber possesses spell resistance of at least 20 from any source, the chance to fail at detecting the substance is increased to 90%. Mundane substances - such as water, alcohol, antitoxin, etc. - cannot be stored in this manner without quickly becoming fouled and unusable (within 1d4 rounds, at which point any effects it may possess occur as normal). Poisons may not be stored in this manner unless the imbiber is immune to them (otherwise, they immediately suffer the full effects - including secondary damage, if any - with no save) and the poison is wasted, but the chance to fail to detect them can never be higher than 60%.

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