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Point-based Pact Magic[edit]

This variant rule replaces the warlock's slot-based Pact Magic feature with a point-based feature, as described on the Dungeon Master's Guide. This variant enables a warlock to cast a spell on a lower level. It also alters the spellcasting potency scaling into more gradual scaling, especially between 9th and 17th level.

The point-based Pact Magic feature might be useful when creating warlock archetypes or Eldritch Invocations options, or granting Metamagic options to warlocks.

The Warlock: Point-based Pact Magic
Max. Spell
1st 1 1st
2nd 2 1st
3rd 6 2nd
4th 6 2nd
5th 10 3rd
6th 10 3rd
7th 12 4th
8th 12 4th
9th 14 5th
10th 14 5th
11th 21 5th
12th 21 5th
13th 21 5th
14th 21 5th
15th 21 5th
16th 21 5th
17th 28 5th
18th 28 5th
19th 28 5th
20th 28 5th
Spell Points

You have a pool of spell points, which you use to cast a warlock spell of 1st level or higher, as indicated in the Point-based Pact Magic table at the right.

When you cast a warlock spell you know, you spend a number of spell points to create a spell slot of a given level, and then use that slot to cast a spell. You cannot reduce your spell point total to less than 0, and you regain all spent spell points when you finish a short rest or long rest.

The number of spell points you have to spend is based on your warlock level, as shown in the table below. Your warlock level also determines the maximum-level spell slot you can create, as indicated in the Pact Magic (Variant) table at the right.

Spell Slot Level Spell Point Cost
1st 1
2nd 3
3rd 5
4th 6
5th 7
Eldritch Invocations

When an invocation enables you to cast a spell using a warlock spell slot, you can create a spell slot of level of your choice. The spell slot you create must be of a level equal to or higher than the spell you cast with the invocation.

Eldritch Master

The Eldritch Master feature now reads as follows:

You can spend 1 minute entreating your patron for aid to regain all spent spell points. Once you regain spell points with this feature, you must finish a long rest before you can do so again.

Multiclassing: Point-based Pact Magic

This multiclassing option is applied when you multiclass warlock and other classes with the Spellcasting feature, as well as using point-based spellcasting variant rule from Dungeon Master's Guide.

If you have both the Spellcasting class feature and the Pact Magic class feature form the warlock class, you can use spell points you gain from the Pact Magic feature to cast spells you know or have prepared from classes with the Spellcasting class feature, and you can use the spell points you gain from the Spellcasting class feature to cast warlock spells you know.

Sample Warlock Otherworldly Patron: The Night Mistress[edit]

A sample warlock Otherworldly Patron option that uses the point-based Pact Magic variant rule is described at the separate page: The Night Mistress.

Eldritch Invocations[edit]

The sample invocations that uses the point-based Pact Magic variant rule are added to the Eldritch Invocations list of the Warlock Variant Rule: Invocations and Boons page.

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