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A portable portcullis is a large clockwork device that looks like a stack of linked iron bars and timber, and comes with a key. You can spend an action to activate it with the key, causing it to expand and unfold. It takes 1 minute to deploy, creating a portcullis that securely fills an aperture between 5 and 10 feet square.

Once it is in place it can only be bypassed in the following ways:

  • The key can be used to raise or lower the portcullis, or collapse it into its portable state.
  • A creature proficient with thieves' tools can raise or collapse the portcullis with a DC 15 Dexterity check.
  • A DC 20 Strength check will break the portcullis.

A collapsed portcullis must be reset before it can be deployed again. It takes 1 minute to wind the mechanism.

Cost: 300 gp
Weight: 40 lb

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