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Platemail of the Earth[edit]

In the Bunbun Civil War between Colin and his good Earth Bound and the traitor Bunbun. Unable to directly help his followers due to some unknown power originating in the traitor's palace, Colin crafted several suits of this platemaiil to assist his Bunbun Elite. By forging it normally and only then adding magic, he imbued it with both incredible defense and some of his powers. Empowered with this armor, the 99 Bunbun Elite blew through the enemy lines. When they approached the traitor's palace, they found the source of corruption - a corrupted Ranran's Decanter of Endless Water. Reaching this corrupted item by using the armor to deflect any water, the 99 elites destroyed the decanter - but at the cost of nearly all the armor. The remaining 10 suits were enshrined in the central temple to Colin, and are only given out for the most important of tasks.

The only way to destroy this armor is with a corrupted Ranran's Decanter of Endless Water. To do this is no simple task - one must first convince a Ranran to corrupt the decanter by spending a month turning it's divine magic to evil. Then, in an area desecrated by a Bunbun, you must submerge or blast the armor. This causes the water from the decanter to act like acid to the armor, and can destroy it with acid damage normally (ignoring damage reduction and hardness).

Basic Abilities[edit]

This suit of +5 Adamantine Full Plate seems to shape to the user, allowing a full range of motion. This flexibility gives the wearer DR 5/-, lowers the Armor Check Penalty to -3, raises the Maximum Dexterity Bonus to +5, increases the bonus to Armor Class to +10 and is treated as Medium Armor. In addition, it cannot be harmed in any way but as described above. However, if used by a Earth Bound, it's true powers are shown.

Unleashed Abilities[edit]

In any Earth Bound's hands, it resizes and becomes easily controlled as Earth Manipulation. As such, the Armor Check Penalty and Maximum Dexterity Bonus are removed, bonuses to Armor Class increase to +15 (even when tiny or smaller) and increases DR to 10/-. In addition, reserves of magic within it grant the user doubled manipulation points (if the user is a Bunbun, they stack to grant quadrupled points).

Any Bunbun automatically recognize this armor as it radiates familiar divine energy. If the wearer is not Bunbun and is Good, they gain +10 to Diplomacy checks with Bunbun and can call any willing Bunbun to their side as a full-round action. If the wearer is not Bunbun and is Evil, they gain +10 to Intimidate checks with Bunbun but are automatically Enemies and cannot sway them. They also get attacked every 1d4 hours by a squad of Bunbun, CR 30. This energy also grants you infinite uses of Turn or Rebuke Earth (as the Air Domain) with an effective cleric level of 40.

Any Bunbun wearing this armor unlocks even more powers. They stop treating water as acid and gain all features of an Earth Bound 10 levels higher than their actual Earth Bound level. In addition, they gain several divine powers from Colin. They also gain class features and spells of a Paladin of their (newly improved) Earth Bound level. They can animate any creature that can be a Paladin's Special Mount with Animate, and treat it as a Paladin's Special Mount. The earth used to make this creature temporarily becomes adamantine, granting it DR 20/Epic(or Adamantine if under 20 HD), Construct hit dice instead of any other kind, a slam attack if none exists (two on a full attack) dealing (x)d10 damage where x is the creature's size penalty to AC +4 (treat bonuses as negative penalties), a trample attack, +15 to strength, no Constitution score but keeps any existing hit points and adds 10 hit points per hit die, +12 Natural Armor, and all Construct Features and Traits.

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