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Photokinesis (Int)[edit]

You can mentally control light.

Requirements: Psychokinesis feat

Check: Make a Photokinesis check to psychically manipulate light waves. With a successful check, you can warp light around yourself, making your outline blurred and indistinct or even becoming invisible. Attacking does not negate the effects of this skill. You can create holograms—realistic threedimensional images of light—that occupy a 10-ft. cube. Each additional 10-ft. cube the image occupies increases the DC by 5.

Subjects seeing the hologram get a Will saving throw to realize it is an illusion if they have any reason to suspect it, such as the fact that the illusion makes no noise. You can also create a point of light that illuminates a 20-ft. radius that you can move at will anywhere in your line of sight as a move action. You can create photokinetic effects anywhere in your line of sight, and they last as long as you maintain them. Creating multiple effects at once (such as becoming invisible while also creating the illusion you are elsewhere) count as maintaining multiple skills.

Task DC
Illuminate 5 (+5 per additional 10-ft. radius)
Visual Illusion 10 (+5 per additional 10-ft. cube)
Blur (20% miss chance) 15
Blur (50% miss chance) 20
Invisibility 25

Special: You can take 10 or take 20 on Photokinesis checks.

Time: Photokinesis is a standard action.

Strain: DC divided by 5.

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