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Wondrous item, very rare or legendary (requires attunement)

This powerful relic was created by a deity known as the Ocean King to aid a hero in overcoming the evil aberration, Bellum. It takes the form of a literal hourglass small enough to be held in the hand, though magic enhancement makes its glass as indestructible as steel.

The maximum number of charges in this hourglass depends on its rarity: 4 charges (very rare), or 9 charges (legendary). You can permanently increase the maximum number of charges by 1 by inserting sand of hours, which consumes the sand and effectively destroys its use as an independent magic item. Doing so also causes the hourglass to fully regain any expended charges. The hourglass regains 1d4 + 1 expended charges daily at dawn. Its charges can be fully restored if a creature of at least 17th level uses its action within 30 feet of the hourglass to expend a 9th-level spell slot (or 15 magic points) for the sole purpose of recharging it.

Even if you are not attuned to the Phantom Hourglass, as an action you can activate it and consume 2 charges by flipping it over and allowing the sand to pour in one direction for 10 minutes. Any creatures within 10 feet of the sand-pouring hourglass for this duration are immune to necrotic damage, psychic damage, and fear. Any creature that moves more than 10 feet away from the hourglass loses this immunity, and any creature that enters or returns to this radius gains it.

If you are attuned to the Phantom Hourglass and it is on your person, you can activate it at the start of your turn by consuming 9 charges. In doing so, you briefly stop the flow of time for everyone but yourself until the start of your next turn. You are free to move anywhere as normal, and can even attack other creatures. All creatures other than you are effectively paralyzed for this duration.

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