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Pet Companion

You form a powerful and magical bond with your pet, a small and weak, yet loyal animal that aids you along your adventures.

When you gain this feat, you gain a pet. You normally select your pet from among the following animals: a bat, a cat, a crab, a frog (toad), a hawk, a lizard, an octopus, a poisonous snake, a fish (quipper), a rat, a raven, a sea horse, a spider, or a weasel. However, your DM might pick one of these animals for you, based on your background and past experiences.

Your pet obeys your commands as best it can. It rolls for initiative like any other creature, but you determine its actions, decisions, attitudes, and so on. If you are incapaciated or absent, your pet acts on its own.

Your pet shares your alignment and your ideal. Your pet's bond is always, "My owner is a beloved companion that I am more than willing to follow and serve."

If your pet is ever slain, the magical bond you share allows you to return it to life. With 8 hours of work and the expenditure of 25 gp worth of rare herbs and fine food, you call forth your pet's spirit and perform a ritual to create a new body for it.

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