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Patient Death[edit]

Price per dose: 5,000 gp
Type: Ingested

Description: This potion takes 1 year to kill the afflicted person, there is no way of knowing you are affected unless you succeed a saving throw when you are poisoned. If you are not aware, you will take 30d20 Damage after a year has passed. Creation: This poison can only be made with the blood of mortal creatures, who have lived over 100 years. When they die, their blood must be used within an hour or it will not work. To create this poison you need; specified blood, 1d6 rotten food, mandrake root, 100 years or older fermented drink, 100 years or older maple tree bark, and an animal that lived over 100 years that would not normally do so. Saving Throw Perception Saving throw, when poisoned you must make a Perception saving throw of 18 or more, upon success you realize you have been poisoned and can seek an antidote. Upon fail you do not realize you have been poisoned and won't find out until it is too late or someone else tells you. Antidote: The Antidote for this poison is Unicorn Blood.

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