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Partial Morphing [Monstrous]

Your control over both your humanoid forms as well as your transformations has given you the ability to "morph" certain parts of your body.
Prerequisite: Alternate Form ability, Alternate Form Synergy, Precision Transformation
Benefit: While a humanoid form is assumed, character can take an action to "revert" a part of their body (such as an arm or leg) back to or "extend" appendages possessed of their monster form (such as wings or a tail), gaining the bonuses therein. However, as the changes are physical in nature, doing so causes extreme pain; the character or monster must make a Fortitude save (DC 20), Concentration check (DC 20+), or Autohypnosis check (DC 10+) to attempt to ignore the pain. A failure of 4 or less means a successful transformation but a -2 distraction penalty to AC, while 5 to 10 causes the character to lose 1d2 turns. A failure of 11 or more results in a failed transformation, 1d6 temporary Con damage and possible unconsciousness.
Normal: Only full-body transformations are allowed.
Special: Combined with Alternate Form Synergy, this allows the creature to utilize supernatural abilities while in their alternate form. This will not cause severed body parts to regrow, nor will it heal damage sustained.

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