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Parental Guidance [General, Roleplaying, Skill]

Parental guidance has groomed you into a mirror image of your guardian's lifestyle.
Prerequisite: Character must have parental figure that is alive at time of character creation. Also must have Family Allegiance to said parental figure.
Benefit: Select one of the following benefits as befits your background.

Survival Child Your parental figure was a natural survivalist and taught you how to endure the wasteland: the character gets a +2 bonus on all Survival checks and Treat Injury checks.

Science Child Your parental figure was a prominent scientist and taught you scientific methods and disciplines: the character gets a +2 bonus on all Knowledge (Earth and Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, or Technology) checks and Computer Use checks.

Soldier Child Your parental figure was a soldier and taught you how to stay alive on the battlefield and how to lead people: the character gets a +2 bonus on all Knowledge (Tactics) checks and a +2 bonus to leadership level.
Special: This feat may only be taken once.

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