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Paradise of Cotsu Malcior[edit]

The Paradise of Cotsu Malcior was created by a legendary being, named Cotsu Malcior, who was bestowed with the power of making the most delicious pies in the multiverse. It is said that the pies were so delicious, that whenever Cotsu went anywhere, those who could smell the pies would try and capture her. Of course, she was too powerful to be defeated, but the pies were becoming a liability. She decided to create a plane of existence to keep her pies, so that nobody would smell them on her. Nobody knows what became of Cotsu Malcior, but occasionally, a lucky adventurer will find a way to reach her paradise, and they become a happy, wonderful being.

In order to reach the Paradise, one must use any spell or item that allows them to access another plane, but only if they say the words "yum-yum for my tum-tum" while doing so, and only if they have a pie stone in their hand, a rare talisman that can only be gifted to them by the gods, or by Cotsu Malcior herself. Upon success, they will find themselves in an endless plain, dotted with trees growing the wonderful Exceptionally Scrumptious Pies. The only landmarks there are the Village of Deliciousness and the occasional Pie Hut.

The Paradise of Cotsu Malcior introduces an air of complacency and satisfaction to those who find it. When arriving, and every 24 hours afterwards, each creature must succeed on a DC 12 Constitution saving throw or have their alignment change to true neutral.

The Paradise is home to many Pie Trees. Each tree has 2d8 Exceptionally Scrumptious Pies growing on it. Removing a pie from a tree requires succeeding on a DC 12 Strength saving throw.

In addition to the Pie Trees, there are a few Pie Huts found within the plane. Pie Huts are small structures made of wood or dirt that have been abandoned by their creator. Each one contains 2d12 Exceptionally Scrumptious Pies, and may contain various equipment at the DM's discretion.

Village of Deliciousness[edit]

The Village of Deliciousness is filled with peaceful creatures from several races, each one arriving there through some means and electing to remain there for the wondrous pies of this plane. All creatures found here are true neutral. Because Exceptionally Scrumptious Pies are so common here, they are used as currency as opposed to normal D&D pieces (one pie, or 1π, is equal to 1sp). The Village of Deliciousness mostly consists of small houses, but there are two landmarks that stick out: the Time Tower and the Return Stronghold.

Time Tower[edit]

The Time Tower is a tower containing several clocks that show the exact time and date on each plane (including the Paradise). In reference to the Material plane, time passes twice as quickly there than it does in the Paradise. Every hour, a massive bell at the top of the Time Tower rings three times. Anyone within 20 feet of the Time Tower at that time takes 1d4 thunder damage.

Return Stronghold[edit]

The Return Stronghold is the only way to return to any other plane from the Paradise. The building itself is a large steel box-like structure, without any windows and with only one opening. Inside, there is a large, glowing ring laid into the floor, constantly changing colors. The Paradise is so alluring that most creatures cannot help but remain in this plane. Any creature trying to step into the ring must first succeed on a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw; on a failure, the lure of the realm is too powerful for them to resist, and they are compelled to stay, unable to attempt leaving for the next 24 hours. Upon success on the saving throw, the creature will step into the circle, think very hard about where they would like to go, and say "I'm full, thank you," immediately teleporting to where they want to go.

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