Pale Blade (3.5e Invocation)

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Pale Blade
Lesser; 5th; Other

Author: the bluez

Using the shadows from the Plane of Shadows, laced with ethereal force and negative energy, you create a semi-solid mystic weapon that follows all of your commands.

You replicate the spell spiritual weapon.

You create a pale blade (it can be similar to any kind of bladed weapon you wish, but it has the characteristics and damage of a longsword for a Medium-sized creature).

The blade adds a bonus to hits and to damage equal to your Charisma modifier, instead of Wisdom and of the flat bonus, bound by your caster level. The blade remains in existence for three rounds, after which it disappears. It may confer flanking bonus to other allies but not to you. In addition, each successful hit provides a -2 penalty on the target's next saving throw roll (-4 on a successful critical hit). This penalty is cumulative (to a maximum of -5 on a single creature) and lasts until the creature is forced to make a saving throw in a dangerous situation or receives the benefit of a remove curse spell.

At 14th level it resembles a mage's sword: it lasts 1 round per class level, up to 10 rounds, it deals 3d8 + your Charisma modifier of force damage, it threatens critical hits with a range of 18-20 and it bestows one negative level for each successful critical hit it scores. It may flank enemies for you as well for your allies.

All of the previous effects also apply, if possible.

You may have only one blade present at any given time.

This invocation is also similar to the spells sword of deception and sword of darkness[1].

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