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Orbrain Harbor[edit]


Population 1570 (Small Town)

Race Population Percentage
Human 85%
Other 15%


Industries (4)

Demands (2)


GP Limit 667 GP (this applies to all services)

Dexter's Potion Palace

Sells 3 random minor potions at a 667 gp limit. Dexter Jester is a strange Human juggler that will prank potential customers and make terrible jokes while making sales. He is the only potion seller in the area, however, and also attracts a lot of business from the Daisy Court to perform ballads, sonnets, and other such poetry live for the aristocrats. He named his store a palace and put up some minor permanent silent images to make the store front truly look like one.


Trade goods can be sold here. Orbrain Harbor is a common stop on the way to Amensis and the market is very busy most of the time boasting as many as 500 customers. Given the town size of approximately 1500 people, this number of people is a primary source of revenue for citizens of the town.

Various Taverns

There are five inns in the town in addition to three taverns. They are always busy and it can be hard to find a room in any of the inns late in the day. One of the taverns in a seedier section of town is rumored to house pit fighting. Provides up to 5 hirelings (maximum level 4).

Mans-Arcanum Mage Acadamy

Perhaps because of the ability to get components in the marketplace or the fact that near the town is a tower of Archmage Coeus, Orbrain houses a Mans-Arcanum Mage Acadamy that graduates 30 pupils a year through apprenticeship. There are two famous wizards, one is an expert of Conjuration, the other is an expert of Transmutation.


Daisy Court

The Daisy Court is a group of arrogant, but influential aristocrats that own much of the land in Sapparizan. They have a small castle that they stay at and often hire various forms of entertainment. Archmage Coeus, the most arrogant of them all, never spends time at the Daisy Court unless it is a required event such as a wedding or funeral. It is said that most members earned their position through their celestial bloodlines.

Foxhound Adventurer's Guild

The Foxhound Adventurer's Guild is a group of adventurers that specialize in using intelligence and wit to solve problems, rather than force. Consequently, many of their members are wizards, bards, and rogues. Every year, they run a competition to recruit new guild members. This competition is called the "Challenge of Champions". The competition consists of solving puzzles that rely on wit and not specific skills or combat ability. The winners are automatically part of the guild. Though the Foxhound guild is quite large, there is only a single guildhall in Sapparizan. As the only major adventurers guild in Sapparizan, however, they constantly have contracts available for guild members.

Thieves' Guild

What would a large port city be without an honorable group of lawless thieves? The Orbrain Harbor thieves' guild specializes in knowing everything about what goes on in the town. They earn large amounts of income through blackmail and various forms of fraud. They generally avoid the Foxhound guild, since many of their top members are members of both guilds.

Mans-Arcanum Mage Acadamy

The Mans-Arcanum Mage Acadamy is a school that trains mages to an advanced levels of learning. They have famous specialists in both Conjuration and Transmutation as well as professors in the other schools. They are lead by Archmage Coeus, whose grasp on Orbrain Harbor seems to extend limitlessly.

The school itself is built in a circle, with a large central garden. There are eight small lecture halls and a single grand lecture auditorium in the school. The building also houses a laboratory with an extra-dimensional component locker, an infirmary, and an administration wing. The dormitories are in a building nearby the campus.

Tuition varies based on school specialization, but it tends to be approximately 2,000 gp per term. Of course, the school campus in Renar has produced famous wizards such as Mordenkaiden, Evard, and Bibgy.

Necromancy classes are heavily regulated by imperial authorities and imperial law dictates that two officers must be present for any casting of a necromantic spell to ensure that it is used strictly for demonstrative purposes and that it does not break any laws.

Notable NPCs[edit]

Adventure Hooks[edit]

Adventure hooks are divided into three categories: working with an organization (lawful), working with an individual or on one's own accord (neutral), and working against local organized powers (chaotic).

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Excuse me, but you have no right to speak. Feel fortunate that I even addressed you.
Archmage Coeus
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