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Wondrous Item, artifact

A glowing orange orb that seems to pulse when touched by a living being. This orb has 4 charges and regains 1d4-1 at dawn. You can expend a charge to combine two willing creatures together, (e.g. An eagle and a dog, creating a flying dog with a beak. Though it is up to the DM) You may expend 2 charges to combine a willing and unwilling creature, the unwilling creature must make a DC 14 Arcana saving throw to remain separate. You may expend 4 charges to combine two unwilling creatures, one or both must make a DC 13 Arcana Saving throw to remain separate You may expend 1 charge to restore any two creatures combined via the stone, if they are unwilling to uncombine they must make the above saving throws.
Random Properties. The Orb of Chimera has the following random properties:

  • 1 minor beneficial property
  • 1 minor detrimental property
  • 2 major detrimental properties

Destroying the Orb of Chimera. This orb must be thrown into an active volcano to be destroyed. Any other methods appear to work but it repairs itself over a few moments.

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