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Oath of Mystra[edit]

Paladin Subclass

Mystra the Goddess of magic and the maintainer of the weave. She Requires her champions to help her tackle the entities of the worlds who would want to damage the weave or usurp her for her powers. Even the gods in all there power and wisdom need help sometimes. The powers granted to you by your magical goddess begin to fold the Divine and Arcane into one granting you benefits from both.

Tenants of Mystra

The tenants of Mystra are simple and just,

Protector - Use your powers to stop those who would usurp a god from its place.

Guardian - Stop those who would damage the weave.

Guidance - Allow those if worthy and true to begin the path of Mystra and help them begin this path.

Respect - Arcane users of the 9th circles are impressive entities show them respect in there work, but don't let them walk over you.

Oath Spells

You gain use of the Eldritch Blast Cantrip. You gain Oath spells at the Paladin Levels listed:

Paladin Level Spells
3rd armor of agathys, magic missile
5th Tasha's Mind Whip, enlarge/reduce
9th dispel magic, counterspell
13th freedom of movement, dimension door
17th dominate person, hold monster

Channel Divinity

When you take this Oath at 3rd level, you gain the following two Channel Divinity options.

Arcane Accelerant

As a bonus you may focus on the arcane and divine energies within and around you and regain your highest expended spell slot.

Divine Concentration

As a reaction to failing a concentration save on a spell you may choose to succeed instead. After doing this you cannot fail concentration on that spell if you are subject to another attack until the end of your next turn.

Arcane within the Divine

When you take this Oath at 3rd level you have gained the ability to switch the damage that your divine smites and other smite spells deal, You may switch between Radiant, Lightning or Force. This can be done as a free action at the start of your attack action.

Aura of the Weave

Starting at 7th level when you or anything within 10ft is targeted with a spell attack the creature has disadvantage on the attack, This area increases to 30ft at 18th level and you gain advantage on saving throws against spells.

The Divine Hold

Starting at 15th level you have gained a higher understanding of the weave and are able to manipulate it more effectively, You can now maintain concentration on up to 3 spells at once you must make individual concentration checks for each spell, and you Divine Concentration Channel Divinity ability may only effect 1 spell. For 1 Spell you have advantage on concentration checks, 2 spells is flat rolls on concentration checks, 3 spells you have disadvantage on concentration checks.

Arcane Overflow

At 20th level you have gained the true understanding of the Arcane within the Divine, You gain additional spells and spells slots from the table below. You can now recover an amount of spell slots equal to half your paladin level, rounded up. The spell slots cannot be higher than 3rd level. Once you use this feature, you must complete a long rest before doing so again.

1 Spell Slot Gained Spells
4th polymorph, greater invisibility
5th summon celestial, scrying
6th true seeing, word of recall
7th plane shift, reverse gravity
8th holy aura, antimagic field
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