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Save Feats: Feats that enhance or otherwise affect your saving throws.

D&D 3e Feats

Feat Prerequisites Summary

D&D 3.5e Feats

Feat Prerequisites Summary
Arch Nemesis (3.5e Feat) Wisdom 15, Past Life Throughout your many lives, a single constant has been your reincarnated adversary fighting you through the ages.
Beast Line (3.5e Feat) Strength 15, Constitution 13, Wisdom 15, Past Life You don't remember what you were, but it wasn't humanoid, and its animal instincts now overwhelm your current self.
Delusions of Grandeur (3.5e Feat) You've convinced yourself of your own importance and know how to ignore when people say otherwise.
Destiny Denied (3.5e Feat) Wisdom 14, Past Life, any other Past Life feat You've failed. Whatever destiny you had before you is forever doom, and you find yourself for once in charge of your own future.
Dwarf Line (3.5e Feat) Non-dwarf, Constitution 15, Wisdom 16, Past Life You know not how long it's been since, but the memories of dwarven life are still fresh in your mind.
Indomitable (3.5e Feat) Your mental discipline and astonishing strength of personality help you to resist both mental and physical compulsion.
Perfect Flesh (3.5e Feat) Strength 13, Dexterity 13, Constitution 13, Wisdom 16, Past Life, Perfect Body, Perfect Mind, Perfect Soul The sheer power of your past lives dares to overwhelm you, but the challenge to your mind only strengthens your body.
Slippery Tongue (3.5e Feat) 3 or more ranks in Bluff. You have a knack for bending the truth. By convincing yourself that your words are true, you can even evade mystical means of divination.
Spellsense (3.5e Feat) Wisdom 12, 2 or more ranks of Spellcraft Your keen intuition allows you to recognize the emanations of magic directed against you.

D&D 5e Feats

Feat Prerequisites Summary
Abyssal Hide (5e Feat) The hide of a demon lays just beneath the surface of your skin.
Metaknowledge (5e Feat) Proficiency with the Perception skill Your limited but real connection to the Beyond-Gods grants you certain insights that are difficult to communicate to others.
Pernicious Poisoner (5e Feat) You have trained in the art of poison.
Planetar Visage (5e Feat) Proficiency Bonus +4 or higher You are able to call upon the divine to cover yourself in a celestial hide.
Soul of Light (5e Feat) Proficiency Bonus +3 or higher Your soul overflows with divine energies siphoned from a true celestial.

d20M Feats

Feat Prerequisites Summary

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