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Divine Feats: Feats that require or interact with divine magic-using classes.

D&D 3e Feats

Feat Prerequisites Summary

D&D 3.5e Feats

Feat Prerequisites Summary
Brew Epic Potion (3.5e Feat) Intelligence 15, Brew Potion, Brew Greater Potion, caster level 11th Your potions are three times as powerful as those from most other alchemists.
Brew Greater Potion (3.5e Feat) Intelligence 13, Brew Potion, caster level 7th Your potions are twice as powerful as those from most other alchemists.
Brew Unstable Potion (3.5e Feat) Intelligence 17, Craft (alchemy) 10 ranks, Brew Potion, Brew Greater Potion, Brew Epic Potion, caster level 9th You've learned to mix multiple potions together to create something unique and very powerful.
Destiny Denied (3.5e Feat) Wisdom 14, Past Life, any other Past Life feat You've failed. Whatever destiny you had before you is forever doom, and you find yourself for once in charge of your own future.
Divine Champion (3.5e Feat) Wisdom 16, Past Life, ability to cast divine spells You serve your god as you always have, on a mission even you might not know, and have earned your patron's respect.
Divine Ley Lines (3.5e Feat) Wisdom 13, ability to cast divine spells Your divine power can be used to attune to ley lines.
Suppress Spell Energy (3.5e Feat) You have learned to minimize the mystical disruption caused when a spell is cast, making it difficult for others to detect your spells.

D&D 5e Feats

Feat Prerequisites Summary

d20M Feats

Feat Prerequisites Summary

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