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Population 11055 (Small City)

Race Population Percentage
Human 80%
Halfling 10%
Other 10%


Industries (6)

Demands (3)


GP Limit 14,793 GP (this applies to all services)

Crazy Dee's Caravan

Sells 5 random minor magic items and 1 random medium magic item. Trade Hub also allows a secret minor magic item.

Sample set of items sold: Minor - Scroll (See Invisibility, Prestidigitation, and Protection from Chaos), Scroll (Floating Disk, Chill Touch), Circlet of Persuasion, Pipes of Haunting, and Potion of Levitate. Medium - Ring of acid resistance (minor). Secret - Ioun stone, deep red sphere (Knowledge(local) DC 15, Gather Info DC 20).


Trade goods can be sold here. Livestock and grain products can be purchased here.


Boats can be purchased here.

Novar West Valley Stables

Horses can be purchased here.

Riverview Inn & Country Lane Inn


Donovan & Peter: Blacksmith & Leatherworker

They provide basic blacksmith needs and leatherworking. They can repair non-magic weapons and armor, but they cannot craft them.


Imperial Garrison

The imperial armies of the Lothadian Empire have garrisoned a regiment of troops in this town. They often provide more resistance to the local law with imperial protocols and rules than actual assistance. They are well trained soldiers however and have fought off multiple attacks from enemy nations.

Knights of Hextor

Though only one cleric leads this group, the Knights of Hextor have a guild hall in Novar. They act almost like a mafia in the town by charging shopkeepers for extra protection. Even though they are oppressive to the population, they uphold a high moral code and will honor any deal they make.

Notable NPCs[edit]

Adventure Hooks[edit]

Adventure hooks are divided into three categories: working with an organization (lawful), working with an individual or on one's own accord (neutral), and working against local organized powers (chaotic).


  • The local imperial commander lost three soldiers in a local excursion into the swamps. A lizardfolk seer has told that they still live.


  • A local shopkeeper's daughter was captured by the Knights of Hextor for not paying his "protection dues".
  • A lizardfolk shaman foretells a great demon attacking Novar if it does not protect itself by painting Wyvern blood on the city gates.


  • A rebel group of dwarves want to take down the Knights of Hextor and the imperial troops all at once by setting them up against each other.

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