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When people say Northwatch, they rarely mean the place itself. The redoubt at Northwatch, a stout walled hill with fortifications atop it, has stood in the hilly plains east of the Daan for more than a millennia - but most people have never seen it. To the masses, Northwatch is an anachronistic guardian against an ancient threat. It is a safe place for third and fourth sons to make their mark or for peasants to serve as honorable fighting men in the Order of the Wardens. But one's first glance tells a different tale. The proud bastion is pocked, scarred, and rebuilt to the point that only a few tunnels and rooms remain from the original structure.

Northwatch was constructed as St Kellen's Bastion after the Horde War by a team of Nurimanian and Ramosi engineers. The surveyors picked a lone flat-topped hill a day west of the Daan on the old Imperial North Road into the Dhazantar Gap. They immediately set to work and built the original structure at a breakneck pace; this base still stands and forms the core of what is now the complex at Northwatch. This core consisted of the original fortified hill, a castle-garrison atop it, and five large tower fortifications on the hill for spotting and defensive fire along the approaches to the hill. The hill is oblong with a slight hook away from the forest. The original engineers built walls around the hill and then filled in the walls along their base, forming a large artificial plateau bound by the walls. The castle, St Kellen's Bastion, was built first and later connected by covered walkway and tunnel to the towers and their support structures. Several underground rooms were added when the tunnels were dug and a single gate was added in the lee of the hill's hook to finish the original complex.

Modern Northwatch

The modern fortress more closely resembles a condensed city then the original Alliance's fortress. Although the hill's retaining walls still stand all of the original towers have fallen or been destroyed, the gate has been replaced several times, and most of the original fortress is gone or covered by new construction. St Kellen's Redoubt was renamed Northwatch before the end of the Second Age, but the original chapel, sanctum, and sarcophagus still lie below the fortress. Two towers were rebuilt on the location of a pair of the originals, one facing the forest as a watch tower and another with a large hall at the end of the hill's hook for the Order's Mage Corps. As generations passed the Order added buildings to the hill as well. Barracks after most of the castle was destroyed, a foundry and smithy as well as a granary as local support dried up, and more until the only clear areas were the drill square and open areas near the walls and towers. The tunnels and underground rooms of the original have been added to as well to the point where cave ins were once an issue (note: during the Order's time as a tributary to House Daren of Lugard, their low support and poor upkeep had the entire fortress fall into disarray).

The fortress currently houses just over 2000 souls, of which 1500 are trained warriors and the rest are support. The fortress bustles from lowest cellar or crypt to highest tower all day and well into the night. The Order is constantly training or rebuilding the fortress; recent events in the Forest have left little time for them to sit back. The Order's current commander at Northwatch, Lord Camperon Carney,

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