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Large City
Power Center
Conventional, Lord Kellen Starna
Lawful Good
Adult Population
Gold Limit
275,000 gp
Language & Diversity
Ramosi, Homogenous (85% Ramosi, 10% Transient Imperials, 5% Other)
Main Menu
Ramosia Menu
High Seats
Low Seats

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Balmorra sits astride the Melidaa River, built on both banks of the mighty waterway. Four bridges and a warren of docks impose themselves on the river and facilitate trade in all four directions. The Starnas have long held the city, since the days of the 'Middle Kingdom'. Their slate green banners hang from the city's gates, and statues of their storied heroes stand in squares and small courtyards throughout the city. Their forms, some new and fresh and some worn to the point of anonymity give mute testimony to the deeds of the Starnas. The city is impressive, but more subdued than Ak'kritaar. The buildings here are stone, but raise no higher than three stories outside the walls of the ancient fortress. Trees sprout up throughout the city, and patches of green exist within the well built up city. The city was never centrally planned, so it grew up winding its way between the low rolling hills of the area and eventually connected over the top of them. The people live in close proximity, and houses of stone or wood butt right up to each other. The city's main boulevards are as grand as any other, but once off those Imperial roads the city takes on a closer, warmer feel. The walls are stout and thick, but show an age that will put off the ignorant and gain the respect of the knowing. The city has not fallen to an enemy since the fall of the Middle Kingdom: the Starnas have since defeated or made peace with every enemy they've faced for centuries.

The people of Balmorra make their livelihoods through trade up and down the river or by working in the industries that feed goods and supplies out to the nearby towns and the rest of the province. They are industrious, but also famous for their ale houses and taverns. XXXX The people of Balmorra respect the Starna's greatly and identify as Balmorrans before Ramosians any day. XXXX


Briarkeep: Castle Starna

Mox Hold: The old fortress of the Starnas that sits at the center of the city's park. Now owned by the Banking Houses of Calder and Dane, Respectively.

Eastgate Market: The sprawling day market that always takes up the open air square just inside the city's east gate.

Westgate Square: An open colonnaded square that overlooks the west gate. Briarkeep, the old parliment of the Middle Kingdom, and the Starna's offices ring the square. The square serves as the city's chief assembly area and prime tourney ground.

Bridge Town: The true heart of the city: the docks and markets where Balmorra's five bridges span the Melidaa.

Exeter College Library: The last inhabited part of the Royal Balmorral College. Home to the Exeter Schola, a group of learned men that seek to remake the once great college; and the Monks of St. Barnard, a clerical order devoted to Pelor who keep the south wing of the Library.

The Convent of St. Catherine: A large church and grounds near the city center. Home to the Order of St. Catherine, an order of healers.



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