Nonhuman Kingdoms (City-States In Chaos Supplement)

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The two remaining Elven Kingdoms are Lorencete Homeland and Urie Treecircle. The three remaining Dwarven Kingdoms are Gerhard Minecomplex, Goldemunde Citadel, and Reinhart High-kingdom. There are three Tiefling isolationist towns and one Minotaur town and one Dragonborn isolationist town.

One Dragonborn Township


One Minotaur Island And Culture


Three Ancient Dwarven Kingdoms

Gerhard Minecomplex

Goldemunde Citadel

Reinhart High-Kingdom

Three Tiefling Townships

Anakes-town, Setville, and Washmire

Two Ancient Elven Kingdoms

Lorencete Homeland

Urie Treecircle

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