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Armor (shield), Legendary (Requires Attunement)

Born from the agonizing pain of a scorned knight, this charred and worn gray shield is a testament to how much pain an individual can take for his people. The face of the shield is a vaguely humanoid visage warped into one of pure agony, whilst the area around it is corrupted by an series of dimly glowing engraved runes that when transcribed, translates to: "Pain is fleeting, but not the memories. Seek me if thy pain is greater than any shall know, for I will be your aegis."

This magical shield has 6 charges and recovers 1d4+1 charges daily at dawn. When paired with Vengeance is Mine the shield gains a +1AC.

Hardy Fortitude: As a reaction upon being successfully struck, you may cast blade ward for 1 charge.

Howl of Agony: You may spend 2 charges to cast fear with a DC16 Wisdom Saving throw as the face on the shield begins to howl in despair.

Iron Maiden: As an action, you may spend 2 charges to cast armor of agathys at 5th level, however instead of cold damage, it does Necrotic as it draws the shadows to your form to create a thorny exterior of darkness.

You're Mine!: You may cast compelled duel for 1 Charge with a DC17 Wisdom Saving throw. Should you do it on your "Target of Vengeance"(As described in the "Vengeance is Mine" weapon page), you gain advantage on your first attack.

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