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Necrotic Pulse Ability to Cast one 3rd level Necromancy spell Turn or Rebuke Undead -

Necrotic Pulse [Reserve]

You can channel spell energy to strike fear into the hearts of the undead.
Prerequisite: Ability to cast a 3rd level Arcane or Divine Necromancy Spell with the Evil descriptor.
Benefit: This feat allows you to turn or rebuke Undead as a cleric does Cha Modifier + 3 times a day. These are separate to the cleric turn/rebuke undead. As long as you have a Necromancy Spell with the Evil descriptor of 1st level or higher prepared. You turn or rebuke Undead as a cleric who's level is equal to your highest level Necromancy Spell with the evil descriptor you have prepared or available to cast.
Special: As a cleric you may use a prepared Necromancy spell with the evil descriptor to gain a magic bonus equal to its spell level to your next turning check.

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