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Mystic Eyes

Mystic eyes allows one to interfere with the outer world. They are the result of magic inhabiting the eyes of creatures with high affinity for magic; Through experimental thaumaturgy where eyes are enchanted; Or accidental wild magic. These eyes can be a blessing or a curse to the wielder depending on the usage, granting them an extra ability through their eyes. These eyes flare up in a mellow glow in their natural colour when active.

  • Choose one of any cantrip or 1st spells. This spell is now cast through your eyes.
  • You have one charge of your Mystic Eyes. You expend this charge when you use your Mystic Eyes.
  • Mystic eyes are magical in nature, you may expend an appropriate spell slot to use your eyes instead of a Mystic Eyes charge.
  • Some eyes grant cantrips, they don't expend Mystic eyes charges. You regain your Mystic Eyes charge after finishing a long rest.
  • You may choose the spellcasting ability for the spell, choose between Charisma, Intelligence or Wisdom.

Optional - Advanced Mystic Eyes

"prerequisite: 11th Level"

  • Instead of choosing one of any cantrip or 1st level spell, you may choose one of any cantrip or 1st-6th Level spell. This spell is now cast through your eyes.

Optional - Mystic Eyes as magic items

"prerequisite: can cast a spell and has proficiency in jeweler's tools or medicine skill"

  • With knowledge of the arcane and proficiency of jeweler's tools, you may create, extract or insert Mystic eyes from/on any creature with eyes.
  • Extracting and inserting a set of Mystic eyes takes one hour of work. For crafting a set of Mystic Eyes, use "Xanathar's guide to everything: Chapter 2: Downtime Revisited, crafting an item" as a guide.
  • Normally you may craft Mystic Eyes imbued with a spell of the levels: cantrip to 6th Level. With the right ingredients you may imbue them with a spell of even higher level. (up to 9th level)
  • Creatures without the Mystic Eyes feat require attunement to utilize the magic in their Mystic Eyes.

Example names for Mystic Eyes
Mystic Eyes of Binding
Mystic Eyes of Evocation
Mystic Eyes of Petrification
Mystic Eyes of Glam Sight
Mystic Eyes of Flame
Mystic Eyes of Illusion
Mystic Eyes of Whisper
Mystic Eyes of Charming
Mystic Eyes of Compulsion
Mystic Eyes of Jinx
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