Mysterious Orb (5e Creature)

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Mysterious Orb

Large mystery, lawful good

Armor Class 24 (natural armor)
Hit Points 7 (0)
Speed 0ft fly 15ft(hover)

16 (+3) 21 (+5) 25 (+7) 19 (+4) 17 (+3) 8 (-1)

Skills Insight +17 Arcana +7 History +11
Damage Resistances Bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing.
Damage Immunities Everything but bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing.
Condition Immunities All but prone.
Senses passive Perception 37
Languages —Can understand all languages but cannot speak
Challenge 0 (infinite XP)

Spell Immunity. This creature is immune to all affectss, including damage, from all spell attacks.

These creatures appeared out of nowhere. No one knows where they came from. Thankfully they seem to be harmless.

This creature seemed to be of the helpful sort, protecting helpless villagers with their powerful bodies.

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