Mysterious Black Armor (3.5e Equipment)

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This masterwork full plate armor will change shape and look to whomever touches it (ex. a dwarf touches it it changes into dwarf styled armor), but there is always a crest on the chest piece, which is a humanoid with all of it's appendages separated.

Heavily enchanted, no proficiency is required to wear it. It possesses +5 AC, with no arcane spell failure, no armor check penalty and adds +1 to all of the wearers dice rolls. However... there's a major drawback. Whenever you take physical damage roll a d6.

  • 1: Right Leg
  • 2: Left Leg
  • 3: Right Arm
  • 4: Left Arm
  • 5: Head
  • 6: All the Body Parts Fall Off.

Separated body parts are still fully functional and alive, and you don't bleed and take no extra damage, but you cannot re-attach the severed part with the armor on, and you can't take off the armor!

This armor is a curse from the gods and can't be duplicated by any being.

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