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Multiclass Psychics[edit]

Psychic ability is a talent anyone might have. While some psychics discover their talent early in life and dedicate themselves to developing and mastering it, many others with psychic potential do not pursue it wholeheartedly. These psychics, for various reasons, choose to develop other abilities and follow different paths. Therefore, multiclass psychics are relatively common, although some classes combine better with psychic than others do.

Spellcasting classes, particularly arcane spellcasting classes such as bard, sorcerer, and wizard, combine well with the psychic class. Sometimes a talent for sorcery and psychic abilities are found in the same individual, leading them to become a bard or sorcerer as well as a psychic. Those with the talent may also choose to study wizardry in hopes of better understanding their own gifts. They learn the differences between psychic abilities and magic over time and may choose to pursue one or continue developing them both.

Divine spellcasters may regard psychic talents as gifts from the deities, to be developed and used in their service. Psychic/cleric is the most common combination, although psychic druids who use their gifts to commune with the natural world are known. Psychics who take up a calling as paladins are expected to put aside the pursuit of their psychic talents in favor of their divinely granted powers, and paladins who discover they have psychic talent later in life and choose to pursue it risk falling from grace.

Monks tend to consider psychic talents part of the mental and spiritual mastery that they seek, so Gamemasters may wish to allow monks to freely multiclass as psychics, if their monk class level is always equal to or greater than their psychic class level. Monks who become distracted by the development of their psychic talents can lose the discipline and strict training they require to maintain their status as monks.

Other classes combine freely with psychic, and the talent may show up virtually anywhere. Psychic fighters and rangers have special abilities at their command that can prove a surprise for their opponents. Psychic rogues may be able to influence the minds of others, psychokinetically lift items, or vanish in an instant.

Psychic/barbarian tends to be the rarest multiclass combination, simply because barbarians are often mistrustful of psychic talents and therefore less likely to seek to develop their own. Barbarians are much more likely to be wild talents (see below) than to adopt levels in the psychic class.

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