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Mugen Tenshin[edit]

The Mugen Tenshin clan is a prominent clan of shinobi, located within the mountains. A secret society, only certain groups such as the Hayabusa clan, and the Black Spider clan know of them and their capabilities. The clan has existed for eighteen generations. As with all shinobi clans, the Mugen Tenshin clan is governed by a group of master shinobi, with the lower shinobi "troops" ranking from greater shinobi to lesser shinobi. The master shinobi govern the clan’s activities both within and outside the village, and are regarded with respect by other members of the clan.

Creating a Mugen Tenshin[edit]

The Mugen Tenshin has two different styles Tenjinmon and Hajinmon

Tenjinmon ("Heavenly God Gate") is the foreground perspective of Mugen Tenshin style ninjutsu. Most ninjas from the Mugen Tenshin clan belong to this perspective. Tenjinmon practitioners train in order to acquire superhuman physical strength and battle technique and are highly resistant to physical pressure. this style gets to choose Strength Save proficiency instead of Dexterity Save, and uses Strength or Dexterity for attack rolls as well.

Hajinmon ("Supreme God Gate") is the background of Mugen Tenshin style ninjutsu and is considered a secret style within the Mugen Tenshin clan. Hajinmon practitioners possess the same capabilities of Tenjinmon practitioners. However, the style is a lot less direct in attacks with emphasis on stronger ninpo abilities. The ninja of the Hajinmon style, despite possessing unbelievable powers, provide background support and loyalty to the Tenjinmon ninja. Gets to add 1d4 to all Ninpo attack rolls and damage

Quick Build

You can make a Mugen Tenshin quickly by following these suggestions. First, Dexterity should be your highest ability score, followed by Constitution, then Intelligence, and Charisma. Second, choose the style Tenjinmon and Hajinmon.

Class Features

As a Mugen Tenshin you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per Mugen Tenshin level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per Mugen Tenshin level after 1st


Armor: Light armor
Weapons: Simple weapons, martial weapons
Tools: Thieves tools, poisoners kit
Saving Throws: Dexterity, Constitution
Skills: chose six of the following Athletics, Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Arcana, Deception, Intimidation, Persuasion, Insight, Perception, Survival, Investigation, Nature


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • 6 Kunai (throwing dagger), 2 Fuma Kodachi (short sword), leather armor, 100 gold peices

Table: The Mugen Tenshin

Level Proficiency
Features Ninpo Ninjutsu Sneak Attack
1st +2 Torn Sky Blast (Ninpo) Sneak Attack Expertise Ninjutsu Gain Feat 2 1d4 1d6
2nd +2 Cunning Action Uncanny Dodge Shinobi Speed 3 1d4 1d6
3rd +2 Ability Score Improvement Extra Attack Shinobi Tactics 4 1d4 2d6
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement, Graceful Fall Ninpo chant blast 5 1d4 2d6
5th +3 Teleportation (Ninpo) Five Point Strike Ninpo increased jump ability 6 1d4 3d6
6th +3 Evasion 7 1d6 3d6
7th +3 Ninpo single hand blast 8 1d6 4d6
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement, Ability Score Improvement 9 1d6 4d6
9th +4 Art of Substitution (Ninpo) 10 1d6 5d6
10th +4 Wall Run Ability Score Improvement 12 1d6 5d6
11th +4 Art of the Raging Mountain God (Ninpo) 13 1d8 6d6
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement, Ability Score Improvement 14 1d8 6d6
13th +5 Gessen Goryu Ha (Ninpo) 15 1d8 7d6
14th +5 Blindsense 16 1d8 8d6
15th +5 Expertise 17 1d8 9d6
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement, Superior Shinobi Ability Score Improvement 18 2d8 10d6
17th +6 Ninpo weapon manipulation 19 2d8 11d6
18th +6 Ghost Step 20 2d8 12d6
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement, Ability Score Improvement 22 2d8 13d6
20th +6 Untouchable Shinobi 24 2d8 14d6

Torn Sky Blast (Ninpo)[edit]

A deadly ninpo technique that allows the user to generate a large lightning-like blast of energy from their hands and shoot it toward their target dealing 1d4 + Dexterity modifier (at level 11 it becomes 1d8 + Dexterity modifier). The color of the energy summoned differs from person to person. uses 1 ninpo point


you have a poll of points much like ki for a monk this pool resets completely after every long rest, and you can regain half after a short rest

Sneak Attack[edit]

Beginning at 1st level, you know how to strike subtly and exploit a foe's distraction. Once per turn, you can deal an extra 1d6 damage to one creature you hit with an attack if you have advantage on the attack roll. The attack must use a finesse or a ranged weapon.

You don't need advantage on the attack roll if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet of it, that enemy isn't incapacitated, and you don't have disadvantage on the attack roll.


At 1st level, choose two of your skill proficiencies, or one of your skill proficiencies and your proficiency with any of your tools. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses either of the chosen proficiencies.

At 15th level, you can choose two more of your proficiencies (in skills or with any of your tools) to gain this benefit.


At 1st level, your practice of martial arts gives you mastery of combat styles that use unarmed strikes and ninja (Shinobi/monk) weapons, which are shortswords and any simple melee weapons that don't have the two-handed or heavy property.

You gain the following benefits while you are unarmed or wielding only ninja (Shinobi/monk) weapons and you aren't wearing armor or wielding a shield:

You can use Dexterity instead of Strength for the attack and damage rolls of your unarmed strikes and monk weapons. You can roll a d4 in place of the normal damage of your unarmed strike or monk weapon. This die changes as you gain Mugen Tenshin levels, Level 1-4 1d4, Level 5-10 1d6, Level 11-15 1d8, Level 16-20 2d8 When you use the Attack action with an unarmed strike or a ninja (Shinobi/monk) weapon on your turn, you can make one unarmed strike as a bonus action. For example, if you take the Attack action and attack with a quarterstaff, you can also make an unarmed strike as a bonus action, assuming you haven't already taken a bonus action this turn. Certain monasteries use specialized forms of the ninja (Shinobi/monk) weapons. For example, you might use a club that is two lengths of wood connected by a short chain (called a nunchaku) or a sickle with a shorter, straighter blade (called a kama). Whatever name you use for a monk weapon, you can use the game statistics provided for the weapon.

Gain Feat[edit]

Chose 2 Feats at first level then gain one every forth level till level 12

Cunning Action[edit]

your quick thinking and agility allow you to move and act quickly. You can take a bonus action on each of your turns in combat. This action can be used only to take the Dash, Disengage, or Hide action.

Uncanny Dodge[edit]

when an attacker that you can see hits you with an attack, you can use your reaction to halve the attack's damage against you.

Shinobi Speed[edit]

your base speed increases by 10 feet while you are not wearing armor or wielding a shield. This bonus increases when you reach certain Mugen Tenshin levels. Level 6 by 15 feet, Level 10 by 20 feet, Level 14 by 25 and finally Level 18 by 30 feet.

Extra Attack[edit]

you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn, at 15th level you can attack up to 3 times

Shinobi Tactics[edit]

When you are wearing no armor and not wielding a shield, your AC equals 10 + your Dexterity modifier + your Wisdom modifier.

Art of the Raging Mountain (Ninpo)[edit]

A very powerful and mortal technique that allows the user to draw in energy from the surrounding area and expel it in a large blast of energy around themselves deals 3d6 damage + Constitution modifer to all within a 30ft radius (at level 14 add 2d6 to damage), they can make a Dexterity save to take half damage and need to make a Strentgh save to keep from getting knocked over. Dexterity DC is 15 or better, Strentgh DC is 15 or better. This takes a full round to prepare and will not happen till the end of your turn that round, requires a concentration check if hit while trying to enact. uses 5 ninpo

Graceful Fall[edit]

you can use your reaction when you fall to reduce any falling damage you take by an amount equal to five times your Mugen Tenshin level.

Ninpo chant blast[edit]

An energy blast attack that requires the user to mutter a spell, and use both of their arms to aim the energy deals 2d6 + Dexterity modifier (at level 12 add 2d6) Takes a turn to use, no other actions may be taken. The blast has a 15ft radius and grows to a 20ft radius at 15th level Creatures/Characters starting at 10ft out need to make a Constitution saving throw with a DC of 8 + Dexterity modifier + Half your level 4 ninpo points

Teleportation (Ninpo)[edit]

Teleportation abilities used by some of the shinobi allow the user to leave one place and arrive at another without the need of walking, usually used for travelling long distances or for a quick escape from danger. Actions performed for teleporting differ from person to person: used as a Standard Action, and can only be done in combat once an encounter, with a maxium distance of 100ft (unless disengaging) if used to disengage then you can't rejoin the battle even if party members are still there. 2 ninpo when not in combat 3 if in combat

Five Point Strike[edit]

Using All Attacks you hit your opponent so precisely that they become Stunned

Ninpo increased jump ability[edit]

for 1 ninpo point Adds a plus 8 to all Jump Checks, and makes it so you can jump long distances and extremely high.


you can nimbly dodge out of the way of certain area effects, such as a red dragon's fiery breath or an ice storm spell. When you are subjected to an effect that allows you to make a Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, you instead take no damage if you succeed on the saving throw, and only half damage if you fail.

Ninpo single hand blast[edit]

A powerful engery blast that causes an explosion dealing 2d4 damage + Constitution modifer to anything in a 15ft radius, counts as your attack 2 ninpo points

Gessen Goryu Ha (Ninpo)[edit]

Similar to the Torn Sky Blast deals damage based on level and takes one round to prepare: damge is 1d6 for every 2 levels

Art of Substitution[edit]

you can switch your self out with an object to take no damage from an attack. if you do this you gain advantage on your next attack but don't get your sneak attack bonus 1 ninpo point

Superior Shinobi[edit]

you are so evasive that attackers rarely gain the upper hand against you. No attack roll has advantage against you while you aren't incapacitated.

Wall Run[edit]

You can run up or along walls without falling unless you movement ends on the wall.


if you are able to hear, you are aware of the location of any hidden or invisible creature within 10 feet of you.

Ninpo weapon manipulation[edit]

Once an encounter you can choose to add 3d6 damage to your attack, but doing so means you can't use any other Ninpo attacks

Ghost Step[edit]

twice a day you can use this ability to become invisible and are undetectable by any means for upto 30 minutes at DM's discretion, requires concentration to maintain 6 ninpo points

Untouchable Shinobi[edit]

Adds 1d6 to all saving throws plus and advantage On Dexterity and Constitution saves, also you are not able to be surprised

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 3rd level, and again at 8th, 10th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.


You can not multiclass

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