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Cost: 300 gp
Weight: 75 lb.

This Small Spring-loaded Device conserves power from physical exertion to be used at later times.

Upon this Device are 4 levers and a wheel out of its side. A Strength Check of 1 pulls a rope/chain with a 15lb weight 1 foot or a Rope with a weight of 1 lb 15 feet.

The first is a crank, used to wind up the large spring inside. Using the crank a creature can perform and save Strength checks. Record every Strength check made with the crank, up to 1,000. At 1,000 the spring inside is fully wound.

The second is the brake, that stops the spring from unraveling early. Using the brake starts the Motor's wheel turning.

The third controls the maximum speed of the wheel. The speed level has three settings; Slow, Normal, fast. At slow the Motor only performs a strength check every other turn. At fast the Motor makes a Strength Check twice a turn.

The fourth controls the torque of the motor. The Torque lever has four settings; 5, 10, 15, 20. This controls the Strength output of the Motor's wheel.

Example of use: A party need to haul a chest loaded with treasure (300lbs) up a 50 foot cliff side. They set up the Motor at the top and attach a rope. Their Halfling wraps the rope around himself and begins to climb down. They set the Torque to 5 and speed to medium; the Halfling descends 5 feet every 6 seconds, taking 1 minute to reach the bottom. The Motor has expended 50 Strength Points, leaving 950. At the bottom the Halfling ties up the chest to the rope, and they begin hauling it back up. They set the Torque to 20 and speed to medium. It raises by 1 foot every 6 seconds. It takes another 5 minutes for the chest to make it back to the top. The Motor has expended another 1,000 points of Strength. Unfortunately this means that the Motor will run out of juice about 10 feet from the top, but the Party's tank should have no problem hauling it that far.

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