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Armor (clothes), artifact (requires attunement)

On first glance this seems to be a plain white shirt, but on further inspection, it's a plain white shirt!

Morphing. After attuning to this item, you learn the secrets of the All Armor. This plain white shirt can change it's color, texture, size, and material, allowing it to transform into any kind of armor. When it is morphed, it takes on the mundane properties of that armor. You can mix and match any number of armor types, like having a plate helm, and leather pants.

Memorize. When this shirt is not morphed, you may wrap it around any magical ring, necklace, or armor. After an hour, the shirt morphs into a copy of said item made of white cloth, taking on all the properties of the magical item.

Revert. When this shirt is transformed into a magical item, you must spend a long rest without the item on to revert it back into a shirt. After you finish this long rest, the shirt reverts back into its original state.

Destroying the Morphing Armor. To destroy this item, the attuned must simply burn it when it is in its original shirt form.


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