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Medium humanoid, chaotic evil

Armor Class 15 (natural armor)
Hit Points 28
Speed 40 ft., climb 30 ft.

14 (+2) 16 (+3) 15 (+2) 5 (-3) 14 (+2) 6 (-2)

Saving Throws Dex+5
Skills Acrobatics +6, Athletics +4, Stealth +6
Damage Immunities Poison
Condition Immunities Blinded, poisoned
Senses blindsight 30 ft., or 10 ft. while defeaned(blind beyond the radius), passive perception 12
Languages Undercommon
Challenge 2 (450 XP)

Blind Senses. Morlocks can't use blindsight if defeaned or unable to smell.

Keen Hearing and Smell Morlocks have advantage on Wisdom(perception) checks that rely on hearing or smell.

Expert Climber Morlocks have advantage on Strenght(athletics) checks used for climbing and jumping.


Multiattack. The morlock makes two claws and one bite attacks.

Claws Melee weapon attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 5(1d6+2) slashing damage.

Bite Melee weapon attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 4(1d4+2) piercing damage.

Degenerate humans long lost from the world of light, morlocks have regressed through years of subterranean dwelling into ravenous, barely thinking beasts of the endless night. They no longer remember the civilized lives their ancestors led, although many morlock tribes still dwell in the shattered ruins of their ancient homes. Ironically, in many cases morlocks worship the statues left behind by these ancestors as their god. A typical morlock stands just over 5 feet tall and weighs roughly 150 pounds.

Morlocks move about on two legs at times, but often drop down to a creepy four-limbed shuffle when speed or stealth is necessary. Their wiry, often emaciated frames mask the strength of their limbs and their swift reactions.

Morlocks typically give birth to broods of three to four babies at a time, ravenous creatures born with a full set of teeth and a cannibalistic predisposition. The first few weeks of a brood's life must be carefully mothered to prevent attrition—it usually takes that long for the morlock young to overcome their natural inclination to feed on whatever is closest. Morlocks mature quickly, achieving adulthood after only 5 years of life. A typical morlock can live to a ripe old age of 60—although the majority of their kind die far sooner than that due to violence

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