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Mor Gault; The Fire Guardian[edit]

Alignment. Lawful Good

Domains. FIRE

Rank. Lesser Guardian

Fire Guardian[edit]

When the world was new, the first life-form to exist was the Mud Guardian, Glaive Le Gable, which all life spawned from, beginning with the other Guardians who formed for everything in the world. Elements, emotions, however some even came from space on their own. Mor Gault was the second guardian created to bestow warmth to the land.


Rumors are passed down through the worshipers that Mor Gault is a large bird dragon with an armor crown, a purple fireball burns at the end of his tail.

Place in the Pantheon[edit]

Mor Gault is a lesser Guardian but is known as one of the main four element Guardians, alongside the water, wind and earth Guardians. He is the guardian that helped humans benefit from the power of fire.


Mor Gault's worshipers generally extends to everybody in the world who still believes in the existence of the Guardians but especially to those who wish for more warmth and fire in which to survive the colds of winter or cook their food.

Related Artifacts[edit]

The Tear Drop - The Tear Drop is a blue crystal that has a specific connection to the Guardians and the life line of the world. When used by the royal bloodline of the chosen one, it can be used to aid in repairing the world and empowering the Guardians. It's an artifact that should never fall into the wrong hands.

Fire Rune - When the chosen is bestowed the power of the Fire Guardian, Mor Gault bestows a physical manifestation of his power upon them in the form of a rune with his symbol upon it. When the chosen has saved enough energy, Mor Gault can be summoned using the rune releasing what power he has left.

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