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Monastery Training [General Feats, Character Creation Feats, Monk Feat][edit]

The humble Monk as grown up to learn much more than what the average monk as learned. Beware because this knowledge was obtained through travel and dedication to her teachings.
Prerequisite: Level 1 Monk (Or Monk Variant i.e. Chaos Monk)
Benefit: Pick one class. You may now multi-class in the chosen class and take levels of Monk. You may take this feat at character creation
Normal: You pick one class and lose level progression in monk.
Special: You gain the benefits of both classes much like multi-classing but gain the benefits of leveling up both classes (i.e. Starting Package not skill points however) at the same time and do not loose level progression in monk. However, you cannot go into the epic class progression in both classes, you must choose one class to advance in the epic class and lose the ability to progress in the other.

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