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This class is intended to work with Past Level 20 (5e Variant Rule) and Further Beyond (5e Variant Rule).

Epic Prestige Class[edit]

This class in the pinnacle for the Mobian Speedster. Those who reach this are known as legends throughout the land of Mobius for their feats of speed and heroism. Taking this class will extend you maximum level to 30, allowing you to climb to greater heights.


  • 20th level in Mobian Speedster.
  • 20 in Dexterity.
  • You must have changed into you Super Form at least once.

Class Features

As a Mobian Blitzer you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per Mobian Blitzer level
Hit Points per Level: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per Mobian Blitzer level


Armor: none
Weapons: none
Tools: choose any 1
Saving Throws: choose any 1
Skills: choose any 2

Table: The Mobian Blitzer

Level Proficiency
Features Chaos Points High Speed
21st +7 Chaos Feat, Chaos Speedster Style, Ability Score Increase 21 +35
22nd +7 True Speed 22 +35
23rd +7 Style Feature, Ability Score Increase 23 +35
24th +7 Chaos Accel 24 +40
25th +8 Chaos Feat, Ability Score Increase 25 +40
26th +8 Style Feature 26 +40
27th +8 Ability Score Increase, Speed Of Sound 27 +45
28th +8 Glimmering Gift 28 +45
29th +9 Chaos Feat, Ability Score Increase 29 +45
30th +9 Hyper Form 30 +50

Chaos Speedster Style[edit]

At 21th level, you gain another feature based on the Speedster style you chose at 1st level, ass well as another at 23rd level and 26th level.

Chaos Feat[edit]

When you reach 21st level, and again at 25th and 26th level, you may select one Chaos feat from the feats list in this supplement. You may forgo taking an Chaos feat to instead increase an ability score of your choice by 4, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 2. You cannot increase an ability score above 30 using this feature.

Ability Score Improvement[edit]

When you reach 21 level, and again at 23rd, 25th, 27th and 29th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

True Speed[edit]

Starting at 22nd level, your wit is as quick as you are. When you use your Speedy Tactics feature, you can dash and disengage at the same time using a single bonus action.

Chaos Accel[edit]

Starting at 24th level, you can use your Rocket Accel two times in a single round, and the extra damage 8d8.

Speed Of Sound[edit]

Starting at 27th level, your speed reaches a point to where the chance of catching up to you is almost nonexistent. When you take the dash action, your extra movement is equal to double your movement speed.

Glimmering Gift[edit]

At 28th level, you have become so in tune with chaos energy that it is natural to you, allowing you to fully master your almost all aspects of it. You can change into your Super Form, at will and without expending any chaos points. You can only do this once, and must wait 1 week before you can do this again. (Longer or shorter at the DM's discretion.)

Hyper Form[edit]

At 30th level, you have attained full mastery over chaos energy. You can now change into a more brilliant version of your Super Form for 5 minutes.

You must spend 25 Chaos Points to change into your Hyper form, as a free action. You can only change into your Hyper form once, and you cannot do so again until 1d4 weeks have passed or longer/shorter at your GM's discretion. At your GM's discretion, you can also/instead be required to have one or more legendary artifacts or/and be in a certain situation in order to change into your Hyper form. While in your Hyper form, you gain all of the benefits of your Super form and in addition, you gain the following benefits.

  • You gain an additional +3 to attack rolls, Damage Rolls, spell attack rolls, and your DC. This is in addition to the +3 you get from the Super Form.
  • Your Movement Speed Triples instead of Doubles.
  • You can use an additional Bonus Action during each round.
  • You gain resistance to Magical Damage.
  • All Damage you inflict ignores resistance and immunity.
  • Any damage you inflict increases by 2d12 instead of 2d6.
  • You cannot suffer from disadvantage on attack rolls or spell attack rolls.


Chaos Homing Attack

You have mastered your Homing Attack to absurd levels. At 21st level, the damage from your Homing attack increases to 2d8. This damage increase to 2d10 at 25th level and then 2d12 at 30th level. Additionally, cost to give yourself advantage on an attack roll using your homing attack becomes 2 chaos points instead of 3.

Rapid Homing Attack

Starting at 23nd level, when you make the attack action using only your Homing Attack, you can attack 4 times in the same action instead of 3 times.

Chaos Spin Dash

Starting at 26th level, the damage from your spin dash become 8d8, and it now costs 3 Chaos Points to use instead of 5.

Chaos Master[edit]

Epic Chaos Spear

Starting at 21st level, your chaos energy has become overwhelming that you feel the need to release portions of it through simple actions. The damage die for your chaos spear now is 1d12 per bolt. Additionally, you can cast an additional bolt of energy when you use your chaos spear for a total of 5 bolts. At 25th level you can make 6 bolts per use of Chaos Spear.

In addition, when you change the damage type of your chaos spear, you can make different spears a different damage type within the same cast, and the cost to change the damage type become 2 Chaos points.

Supreme Chaos Control

Starting at 23rd level, your control over time and space become far more reliable. When you use your Chaos Control feature to travel 60 feet or less, it costs 1 chaos point instead of 3.

Additionally, using your chaos control by expending 10 now extends the range to anywhere that is on the same planet as you.

Supreme Chaos Blast

Starting at 26th level, the damage from your Chaos blast becomes 20d12. Additionally, when you use your chaos blast, you can spend 2 additional chaos points to change the damage type from fire to your choice of Cold, Acid, Lightning, Radiant, Acid, or Necrotic.


Chaotic Art of The Shuriken

Starting at 21st level, you can throw up to 3 shurikens in a single action without having to spend chaos points first, and the damage inflicted by your shurikens becomes 1d8+your dexterity modifier.

Additionally, when you you spend chaos points to throw additional shurikens in the same action, you can throw a maximum of 4 by spending 1 chaos point for each shuriken.

Chaotic Art of Transformation

Starting at 23rd level, you can spend 5 chaos points to cast True Polymorph on yourself. If you would fail a constitution saving throw to maintain concentration on a True Polymorph spell that was cast this way, you can spend 2 chaos points to succeed instead.

Chaotic Art of the Hurricane

Starting at 26th level, the damage from you Ninjutsu Art of the Tornado becomes 16d10, and creatures who fail the saving throw are knocked an additional 30 feet back and stunned until the end of their next turn instead of knocked prone.


Chaos Hammer

Starting at 21st level, you score a critical hit on a natural 17 or higher.

Pile Drive

Starting at 23rd level, when you take the attack action, you may attack up to 4 times in a single action. Additionally, critical hits from you Piko Piko hammer deal triple dice instead of double dice.

Chaos Crusher

Starting at 26th level, You score a critical hit on natural 16 or higher. Additionally, once per round, when you hit a creature with an attack roll from your Piko Piko Hammer, you can spend 2 Chaos Points to treat the hit as a critical.

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