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Speedster: This class has one thing in mind. Go really, really, REALLY fast.

Explorer: A class meant given plenty of different movement types, so that it can get around much easier.

Genius: A class that uses it's wit, and is very skilled and good with a ranged weapon.

Caster: This class uses magic, but tends to focus on a specific type for the maximum efficiency.

Soldier: This class enhances it's attacks that they enhance with chaos energy, allowing them to have incredible power in combat.

Prestige Classes[edit]

Blitzer: This is the pinnacle for the Mobian Speedster.

Voyager: This is the pinnacle for the Mobian Explorer.

Brilliance: This is the pinnacle for the Mobian Genius.

Magus: This is the pinnacle for the Mobian Caster.

Mobius (5e Campaign Setting)

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