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The miniature pyrophone is a strange instrument indeed, using fire itself to produce sound. Most trained pyrophonists do not know how this instrument works, but a select few do. The instruments are generally custom-made to match the owners preferred style of use, and so price may vary from 60 gp to 150 gp and beyond based on whether they want 3 pipes or more. This instrument generally comes with a tool to help refuel it. The main body of the instrument can have many shapes, but is fundamentally the same on the inside. A chamber with several openings where a fuel source is kept, an opening (generally a pipe or tube) within which large amounts of flammable liquid are channeled into the main fuel chamber, the pipes which are all attached to bone keys on the body allowing the pyrophonist to change which pipe plays, and a place for each of the musical pipes and fuel chamber where a flame is to be lit. You may, while casting spells that deal fire or thunder damage while using this instrument, consume one flask of oil as a material, and deal [your charisma bonus] extra damage of that type.

Cost: 60-150 gp
Weight: 60-100 lbs

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