Miner’s Delight (5e Equipment)

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This half pound stick of tan clay steamed with red is commonly used by both miners and occasionally military forces for the explosive power hidden in it. when it takes 1 or more fire damage or is lit on fire (by way of oil rag or being dropped in a campfire etc) it starts a internal time of 1d4 rounds until it explodes. when it explodes it explodes in at ten foot radius dealing 3d6 fire damage to anything caught in the blast (per 1/2lb stick). with every extra stick within 5 feet of the forest stick the blast size increases by five feet to a max of 25 feet, and the damage increases by 1d6 to a max of 6d6 fire damage. if a stick is caught within 10feet of an explosion, it goes off instantly, causing its own independent explosion. if a object/creature were to be caught in multiple explosions it only takes damage from one explosion,the one that does the most damage in d6’s. these can be created with gunpowder, clay, and alchemist’s tools.

Cost: 20 gp
Weight: 1/2 lb.

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