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Cost: 35 gp
Weight: 2,000 lbs (laden), 300 lbs (unladen)
Speed: 0 ft. (drawn)
Carrying Capacity: 1,700 lbs

A cart used by miners to move large amounts of rubble or ore from deep underground to the surface. It has a tipping bin for ease of unloading. 4 Medium or Small creatures can sit inside uncomfortably.

The cart is constructed from iron-reinforced wood. It is Large and has an AC of 17 and 100 hit points.

A Mine Cart


The following table is for use with the Vehicle Construction Kit.[1]

Design Notes. No facing.

Slot Component
1 i. Wood armor
ii. Iron armor
2 i. Wood armor
ii. Iron armor
3 i. Wood armor
ii. Iron armor
4-20 Cargo hold (1,700 lbs)

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