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Metapsychic Feats[edit]

Metapsychic feats modify psychic skills in various ways, usually expanding their capabilities at the cost of greater strain. Most metapsychic feats can be applied to various psychic skills on a case-by-case basis; that is, the player can decide what metapsychic feats (if any) to apply to a particular skill use and can apply some, all, or none of the metapsychic feats available to him at any given time. Unless the feat’s description says otherwise, applying a metapsychic feat to a skill does not increase the time required to use that skill.

Metapsychic feats typically double the strain cost of the psychic skill they affect. If multiple metapsychic feats are applied to the same skill use, their strain values do not stack. Instead, each additional doubling of the skill’s strain increases the multiple by one. So, it is ×2 (double) strain for one metapsychic feat, ×3 strain for two, ×4 strain for three, and so forth.

If a metapsychic feat increases strain by a set amount rather than a multiplier, the strain increase is added after the multiplier for other metapsychic feats is applied.

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