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Design Note: This tool set was made with the Mistborn class in mind.

The metallurgist's tools come in a satchel with many smaller pouches attached inside to hold many smaller containers. The satchel contains a set vials, specially made and coated to contain allomantic materials, a metal tester or alloy analyzer, and a file to acquire mineral flakes. The vials come in two sets, one which hold 8 ounces each, and another which hold 1 ounce each.
Proficiency with these tools lets you add your proficiency bonus to Wisdom (Nature) checks when identifying metals, alloys, and their purity. If you are already proficient with the Nature skill, your proficiency bonus is doubled.

Mistborn Rules[edit]

During a long or short rest, you can fill that vial with ounces of any combination of allomantic metals until that vial is full. It costs 10 gp to prepare one ounce of a metal and 700 gp to prepare 1 once of atium.

Rarity: Common
Weight: 8 lb.

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