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Racial feats[edit]

{{3.5e Feat |name=Daughter of Satine |types=Racial |summary=The daughters of Satine are blessed with a special link to nature, they can calm almost any underwater animal |prereqs=Merfolk, Female, Cha 13 |benefit=You gain wild empathy with aquatic animals. Your racial hit dice count as Druid class levels to determine the power of the ability.

Son of Satine [Racial][edit]

When a son of Satine receives a blessing from the underwater goddess it takes the form of special knowledge into the habits of aquatic animals, making the Merfolk better hunters.


Merfolk, Male, Wis 13


You gain a +2 bonus on weapon damage rolls and all skill checks against all creatures with the aquatic subtype.

Herald of the Wave [Racial][edit]

The champions of Satine gain a limited control over the very water they live in.
Prerequisite: Merfolk, level 8, Wis 15
Benefit: You can create a wave (at the water surface) or an underwater pull (underneath the surface) 1/day, that works as a bull rush, but for all creatures in the area (size: Huge, Str: 26, no attack of opportunity, 50 ft. cone).

Note: This feat is related to the The Test of Time (DnD Campaign Setting)Merfolk Feats.

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