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Medusoid Extract[edit]

Price per dose: 5,000
Type: Contacted

A purple, thick fluid that petrifies everything it touches. The poison is crafted using rare herbs mixed with the crumbled dust of a petrified creature.

On contact with the poison, any object, living or abiotic, rapidly turns to stone. Each droplet of poison can petrify 1 foot of material. A container must be treated with magic so it does not petrify in the process. If a single dose is applied to a creature that is medium or smaller it turns to stone and suffers the petrified condition. A single dose given to a large or larger creature has its movement speed reduced by 10feet, in addition if a creature is flying or swimming they must make a dc 13 strength(athletics) check or be dragged downward 1d4x5 feet. A large or larger creature requires 2 doses to suffer the petrified condition. A successful dc 19 medicine check can cure the affect, though the target suffers one level of exhaustion once no longer petrified.

A greater restoration spell can restore the petrification.

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