Medium Shield (5e Equipment)

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Medium Shield[edit]

Cost Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight
50 gp +2 AC Str 11 - 19 lb.

A medium sized shield crafted by wood, metal or both. it is secured to the wrist with a strap and held by a handle. .

Trenched In. While holding this shield, if you did not move, attack, or cast a spell during your turn, at the end of your turn you may go into a defensive stance. You stay in this defensive stance until the start of your next turn, hiding yourself behind your shield. While in this stance, you are treated as having half cover.

Interpose. When not grappled you can interpose the shield between you and a creature went it attempts to shove you giving you advantage on Strength (Athletics) checks to resist the shove.

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